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Just then, a Trojan patrol came upon the scene, and they brought with them a prisoner – a Greek called Sinon whom the army had left behind.

Washington’s sections come across as very early 90s hip hop ( Public Enemy / Chuck D , East v. West coast , etc.) stylistically—in the scratching and sampling effects, for instance—which makes sense since he’s notably more seasoned, mature, and full of gravitas than Hamilton et al. He’s sort of the . of the Revolution.

Miranda Priestly : Some one must be getting out. Call Donatella. Get her jet. Call everybody else that we know that has a jet- Irv?- Call every- This is your responsibi- THIS IS YOUR JOB!- Get-me-HOME!

Meredith discovered that their John Doe patient was actually George O'Malley. He was later pronounced brain dead in surgery. Everyone was devastated, especially Bailey, who said that she needed to stop caring so much because it was interfering with her life.

A deluxe version of the LP features covers of songs by outlaws Billy Joe Shaver ("Ain't No God in Mexico"), Willie Nelson ("Sister's Coming Home"/"Down at the Corner Beer Joint" and "The Local Memory") and, of course, Waylon Jennings ("Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way"), whose 1973 LP  Honky Tonk Heroes  served as the sonic template for Earle's new record.

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At the top of the Wall, Stannis and right hand flunky Ser Davos informed Snow that, though admired by many of his fellow Black Watch, an equal number were suspicious of his closeness to the Wildlings. "They were born on the wrong side of the Wall – that doesn't make them monsters," Snow responded.

Myranda - Feel AlrightMyranda - Feel AlrightMyranda - Feel AlrightMyranda - Feel Alright