James ferraro - rerex 2 - James Ferraro - Rerex 2

On the final side this ease back into aquatic, gloopy ambient - like swimming through warm, crystal clear, turquoise tropical waters and hanging out with wasted dolphins, who provide a blissed awe-inspiring (weird) sonar soundtrack.

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Released two years before the hyperreal digital textures of Far Side Virtual , Rerex captured Ferraro freshly out of Skaters, his legendary collaborative project with Spencer Clark , and rapidly developing his ever expanded sound-world. The six tracks capture some of Ferraro’s most organic and psychedelic music, blending murky percussion, watery soundscapes and surreal samples into one writhing whole.

Both are now available through Aguirre’s website , but in the words of every Home Shopping Network host ever: act fast! They’re limited to 500 copies a piece.

James Ferraro - Rerex 2