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Adjusting her leather bag strap more securely on her shoulder, the raven-haired girl dug around in her bag to produce one yen piece. Flipping it over in her palm she approached the large fountain in front of Onigumo Enterprises. In the center of the fountain was a huge stone statue of a roaring lion atop a three foot tall circular pedestal. If it were real, it would be assumed that it was circling an enemy, sending out threats before it attacked. Around the pedestal were several small jets that spouted streams of water into the air but only as high as the lion's feet. Taking one last glance at her yen Kagome tossed it into the fountain to drift to the bottom to rest with the other coins she, or other passersby, dispensed. She never wished on hers again, seeing as how she never got the position at Takahashi Corporation but it had become routine for her in the past several months. Sighing dejectedly, she cast one more look in the direction of the building she longed to work in before she trudged her way into Onigumo Enterprises.

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So Takahashi - UntitledSo Takahashi - UntitledSo Takahashi - UntitledSo Takahashi - Untitled