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Maggie, Amelia, and Meredith are sitting in a car outside Alex and Jo's loft, waiting for Alex. They're carpooling now. While Maggie and Meredith inspect the neighborhood, Amelia wonders if she and Owen are going out without her realizing it. Maggie has been observing a drug addict. Amelia says that adults go home together instead of going out. She doesn't know what that kiss on the front porch meant as she thought they were just friends. Meredith says she sounds 15. Alex finally shows up and gets in the car. Meredith wants to stop teaching the anatomy class as it's taking up a lot of her morning. Maggie tells Alex the neighbors seem nice. Alex replies it's a pit, but it's cheap. Meredith gets a text from Webber. He needs one of them to walk Bailey into the surprise breakfast thing, but they all say no, meaning she has to do it.

Maggie Reilly - Walk On ByMaggie Reilly - Walk On ByMaggie Reilly - Walk On ByMaggie Reilly - Walk On By