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Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said the incident in north London was "quite clearly an attack on Muslims", and the community would now see more police, including armed officers, in the area, "particularly around religious establishments".

Consider now the female orgasm. JD Salinger once wrote that “a woman’s body is like a violin; it takes a terrific musician to play it right”. Pressed or caressed the right way, a woman can be transported to such ecstasy, that for a few seconds, the rest of the world ceases to exist.  But get it wrong and pain, frustration, or dull nothingness can ensue. It’s a stark contrast to a man’s experience; so long as they can get an erection, a few minutes of vigorous stimulation generally results in ejaculation.

As of June 2013 [update] the channel controller for BBC One is Charlotte Moore , who succeeded Danny Cohen initially as an Acting Controller from May 2013.

Various - BBC Future Hits - 176Various - BBC Future Hits - 176Various - BBC Future Hits - 176Various - BBC Future Hits - 176